l_wre2Welcome To Golden Cigarette Company (GCC)r_wre2

Golden Cigarette Company (GCC) is a manufacturer of quality Cigarttes & Cigars.. We use the best raw material and high speed equipment to assure the client good quality product. We can meet our clients requirements. We are supplying all over the world. We assure to give a very competitive price. We have also introduced Filter Tip and are manufacturer of Filter Tip & Cigarette Filter tubes also.

We are always looking for long term business with all our potential client and we full fill all there needs. We have our own brand ROCCO that we produce but we also manufacture brands for our clients. We can also provide our clients with cut tobacco used to make your own cigarette.

We can also help our client in United States with FDA regulated products are company is FDA approved.

Our Production

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Our Product

With the help of our high speed machine and high quality product we are able to produce all the products related to the Make Your Own and Roll You Own Market. We can manufacture your own brands as we are doing contract manufacturing for all our U.S clients.