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About us

Golden Cigarette Company is located in Karachi, Pakistan. It is a sister concerned company of Marsons Group a manufacturer of Cigarette Machines and H.I.G.S General Trading LLC in Dubai. We can assure our clients with everything they want related to the tobacco industry. 

Cigarette tube supplied by our company comes in different sizes as per our clients requirement:


100mm Cigarette Tube   25mm Filter   30mm Tipping Paper
84mm Cigarette Tube   16.67mm Filter   25mm Tipping Paper


We can also provide Cigarette tube according to our customer needs if they require any change in total length, diameter or filter length & tipping paper length. 
All our tubes have 8.1-8.2mm Diameter. We can also provide Slim Cigarette tube but there are some terms and condition to follow. Please feel free to contact us so that we can let you know everything in detail. 

We also manufacture Filter Tip in different sizes and packaging. 

We have already produced all our products and Brands for the following market United States, Europe, Middle-East and Australia.

Our aim is to satisfy our clients with the best we can.